A few years ago, I spent a week in New York and recently looked back on those photos. While I don't hate them, I really don't like them much either. Problem was, I got stuck in the trap of taking photos and thinking about what people would want to see when I got back....so I ended up taking way too many photos of things that other people have taken a million times before. 

This time around - I took a different approach. This time, I took photos exactly the way I wanted to and didn't once think about what anyone would think of them. I also decided I wanted to take one camera and one lens. I think when you limit yourself with equipment, it forces you to get the shots more and use your feet, rather than your zoom button.  Before I left for the US, I spent some time shooting with a Leica M6 film camera.  Yes, I loved it and yes it's a killer camera, but I didn't end up buying it and decided on a digital Fuji x100s instead (one fixed 35mm lens sorted!).  As soon as I used it, I knew this was the camera for me.  There were only a couple of situations where I would have preferred my SLR and lenses, but for a street photography digital camera, this thing is a beast.  Small, quiet and the image quality is off-the-scale awesome.

So, here we are - 12 days in New York || June 2014


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  • Kelly Kakaria says #
    I have never been to New York but your photos have captured what I imagined some of the sights would be. But even better your phot

Early January, I was asked to photograph a fashion shoot for Rococo Hair Lounge.  Tarsh, the super talented owner of Rococo had spoken about this location a few times, however I hadn't ever been out here.  An amazing family farm near Rokewood in Victoria is where we landed and here are the results.  Big thank you to Jenna, Megan & Dylan for "working it"....you're all awesome.


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  • Kelsey Shannon says #
    Wow. These pics are amazing Scott. Love the bike ones!
  • Pat Collins says #
    Awesome work Scott!

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